A ‘Green’ Resort in Every Sense….

As each year passes at Hacienda de los Santos® we keep increasing the many ways to save our valuable natural resources.  Quite often by reducing water, gas and electric costs we in turn enjoy an improved bottom line.  Ultimately it means that you, the guest, will see lower rate increases too as we deal with the effects of inflation which are inevitable.   Although, in Mexico, it isn’t cost effective for us to install solar electric panels (there are no government incentives here), we are making progress in other areas.


Urique Canyon View

Urique Canyon View

We now have more than 90% exterior lighting as LED.  The Light Emitting Diodes have helped us lower an ever increasing electric bill by as much as twenty percent some months.   Hardly a month goes by where we don’t find new LED fixtures which can replace either the incandescent or fluorescent lights.   If you have a swimming pool at your home and haven’t switched from a conventional 400 or 500 watt bulb to a 40 watt bulb there is a huge savings.  What we have found with four pools with lights is that the additional savings is that the LED’s have huge life spans, plus the cost of the regular pool lites was significant, plus the labor to install nearly every year.   A year ago we installed one hundred 1 watt bulbs in 100 different exterior fixtures in the Hacienda.  They run every night of the year, some all night, and in twelve months not a single one has burned-out.  Possibly it has something to do with the information on the box for the bulb, “Estimated life 47 Years”!  That number is based upon only three hours a night, however with an average of six hours per night that’s still a 23 year life span for a ten dollar bulb.  They are expensive, but as you can see at Home Depot, Lowes and Costco the prices are coming down, ‘poco a poco’ (little by little).

.Modern Bakery


It’s hard to imagine but our ‘Hacienda’ is seeing the replacement of the air conditioning (A/C) systems.  I was viewing them as nearly new and recently reminded that some are about twenty years old.  Fortunately as we  work through our replacement program  we are able to increase the efficiency significantly.  In April I met with an expert on this topic in the U.S. and  what I used to consider a power saving A/C system is not even close.  State of the art A/C today can have a SEER (a rating system on energy and the lower the number the higher the power consumption) as high as 25.  Here’s what that number represents if you put one in your 1,400 square foot home today, plus added a reasonable number of solar panels on the roof, you could in Arizona run your A/C system in the summer for the same amount of power as a 60 watt light bulb.  In Mexico we are trying to be in the SEER 15 range which is much more than our original SEER 10 units.  Just another factor in lowering the federal electric bill here.  Adding 14 TV’s would have driven the light bill up a few years ago  with the old tube sets, but the new flat screens are much more economical, thus every suite at Hacienda de los Santos® now has about 90 cable channels available with three or four in English.

.Jim Bert Laura Zaccaria Dec. 2010

With the expanded industrialization in Mexico, for the first time ever many regions are about to receive natural gas.  All of Sonora’s major cities in the next two years will see conversions from propane to natural gas, thanks to a major line being installed from one end of the state to the other.  Unfortunately it’s not in the cards for Alamos, a small village, to receive a forty mile line from the main feeder line.  Just one more reason for us to look at ways to use less gas.  Now we have eight solar collectors for water and half of those supply our kitchen and laundry areas.  To increase our efficiency, lower our costs, reduce water consumption we now have low water usage laundry machines, plus a 1,000 per hour plate capacity dish washer in the kitchen.  Our laundry, as opposed to the kitchen, only operates during the day, thus nearly all of the hot water is provided by the sun and nearly half the water which was previously required.

.Pilot group foto 2011


Yes, come down in July and August and you will seen Alamos at its best with a green lushness like Ireland.  Truly and experience  not to be missed during our monsoon season.  It’s also our Mango time when we harvest the fruit, make the preserves and have some of the best available.  Come down in the summer and we will give you a jar of the best Mango Jam this side of the Rio Grande.


Nearly all mornings are very flyable so one has at least six good hours of flying time before it gets a little  bumpy.  For complete flying information check the ‘Flight Planning’ section of this website.

Have a great summer,

Jim, Nancy, Jamie, Ramon & Staff of 40

Church..old Alamos foto

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