A Special ‘Day of the Dead’ This Year…

Our ‘Club Piloto’ event which ended on November 2nd was very special this year.  On Saturday evening, November 1st, Rito Valdez (our art director), opened the special altar for ‘Day of the Dead’ which honored two of our pilots which made the final flight in 2014.  Ret. Admiral Bruce Boland and Zak Margolis both had their photos present and a few solemn moments were taken by the group to remember them as each lit a candle at the altar.


We are seeing more and more talented videographers, and photographers, come to the village to do their work.  We hope you enjoy this most unique and beautiful ‘Day of the Dead’ video which was filmed and edited by Mike Foster.


Here’s the link for the 13 minute video which is of exceptional quality.


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