Annual Music Festival in Alamos….

The annual music festival in Alamos ( dates are January 22nd to the 30th.  This festival originated in the 1980’s as an opera festival in honor of the ‘Caruso of Mexico’, Dr. Ortiz Tirado who was born in the village.  As the years progressed the festival became larger, and more well know throughout the country, until it expanded into all types of music and later included dance too.  Although this year it will run for the full nine days as usual it will not be ‘international’ as in years past with 12-14 foreign countries represented at great cost to the federal and state governments.  Due to an error a year ago with the offices of the state government the essential applications were not processed by the federal government, thus funding was greatly reduced.  It will still be a wonderful festival according to all reports, but the Sonoran directors of the event will be relying more on talent closer to home.


For pilots, and their guests, wanting a package for this event, just contact Jim giving your planned dates for attending and, depending upon availability, he will give you a special unpublished rate for this event.  Plus a village tour for first timers, complimentary hangar parking, transportation to and from the airport as needed and a staff of 40 to make your experience over the top.


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