Aviation History….and More!

4 Planes at Cacharamba

Mt. Cacharamba at Alamos and ‘ The Del Amo Flyers’


Thanks to fellow ‘Club Piloto’ member Ron Hays of Santa Barbara, California for the aviation links he forwarded below.  Ron and Nancy Hays are among that rare group of people who have a high number of hours flying Mexico in a beautiful Beech Baron.  They have virtually seen ‘all’ of Mexico and continue to enjoy visiting Hacienda de los Santos®.


From time to time we receive links of various types regarding different periods of aviation history, detailed information about a specific aircraft, or even specs on antique and new aircraft, etc., but this is the most complete library that one could hope to have on aircraft, pilots and history of WWI/WWII/Korea/VietNam, all under this Blog.


Be careful about clicking below, it can become addictive.

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