Hacienda Update…..

Last week a mailer went out to ‘Club Piloto’ members with an ‘Pre’ Itinerary of the October 31st five day event.  We had a medical cancellation yesterday so there are two Spa rooms now available if you haven’t signed-up yet or have friends that you would like to invite.  If it is their first visit to Hacienda de los Santos we will give you a $100 USD credit on your ‘Piloto’ account.


This years event falls on both of the ‘Day of the Dead’ dates in Mexico which are November 1st and 2nd.  We will be having Mike Foster who is probably the number one producer of quality videos (more than 200) on topics that relate to Alamos indigenous groups (Yaqui, Guarajillo, Raramuris or Tarahumara and the Mayo).  All of these groups live within 40 miles of Alamos and some are much closer.  Mike also covers in his work many of the medicinal practices that have been passed down through the ages within the tribes, as well as studies on flora and fauna.  For this month’s event, his program will be on ‘Day of the Dead’ and he will be using some of his videos in conjunction with the talk.  Jim’s, pre-breakfast walks, will include an early morning visit to the local cemetery during the week to see the great displays of flowers, as well as visiting the local market area to see the flower vendors.


Also, there will be cooking and art classes, Texas Holdum’ with our Vegas dealer Doug, live music every night with romantic guitar, La Estudiantina (young men in colonial attire singing and dancing with music from 18th century Spain) and a Mariachi.  A complimentary narrated area tour will be available for the newcomers as well as a tour to the mining village of Aduana one morning.  Rates and additional details are on this site, plus the dates for our March 2017 ‘Club Pilotos Reunion’.

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