Music Festival…Wow!

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This year’s music festival (Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado…FAOT) broke all records for being over the top.  With 100,000 attendees, over the nine day event, it topped the previous year by 30,000 lovers of music and dance.  A special treat for about 40,000 Mexicans and a few hundred foreigners was on the last day when the Tiger Squadron, from California, performed over the village.  We want to thank our ‘Club Piloto’ Capitans, Craig Ekberg (team leader), Dave Klein and Guido Rietdyk….all flying beautiful Nanchangs in three different military color schemes.


Just a week later we were delighted to have a special guest visit for the first time.  This man had a reservation in September of 2008 and cancelled just the day prior to his visit after weeks of preparation by his staff.  Instead, not wanting to waste the reservation he sent the Vice President of Mexico.  The V.P. orchestrated the annual CONAGO (annual conference of Governor’s of Mexico).  President Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) was with us for three days, along with his wife who some predict to be the next President of Mexico.   Also attending a private event at HdlS was  Mexico’s oldest living Catholic Cardinal, Juan Sandoval Iñiguez, along with one of Mexico’s top film actors and also one of the best known ‘novela’ actors, or ‘soaps’.


It has been a wonderful winter at Hacienda de los Santos, but we still need ‘YOU’!  Write today for a room or suite at the ‘Piloto Spring Reunion’.  March 13th is only five weeks away, so don’t miss this great value and fun event.



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