Word to the Wise….

Today I received a copy of a SAT (enforcement arm of the Mexican IRS) notice which was sent to pilots with Mexican registered aircraft, and also at least one American pilot with US registered aircraft.  The essence of the notice is that if you have your aircraft parked on a public airport or ramp, you risk having the SAT temporarily detain the aircraft until it is determined that it actually has a current permit (such as Multi entry or other for Mexican registry).  They gave an example of one being taped with notices not to access or move the aircraft.  If on a private strip, or in a private hangar then there is no concern.  Also, if you are at the airport there’s no need for posting in your window since you are available to show that you have proper papers for having the aircraft in Mexico, such as a multi or one time entry permit.


It was suggested by the SAT, to attach to the inside of a window a copy of the permit.  It is okay to reduce the size of the permit, but make sure that the dates and ID information are clearly visible.  I personally have not known of this ever happening, however the official notice I do have a copy.  If the official ‘Informe Urgente’ does not appear below’  you can send me an email at jnswick@aol.com and I will forward it to you.


We are looking forward to seeing many of you at XALA in just a week for the annual ‘Club Pilotos Spring Reunion’.

The weather’s perfect,


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